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Prepares a second collection of etchings for publication (25 prints), jointly with the landscape painter Mikhail Volkovsky. Paints the pictures Rye and Burnt-out Forest. Gives lessons to two young landscape painters, Olga Lagoda and Andrei Schilder. Is elected candidate member of the board of the Itinerant Society. Summer: journeys to Valaam, then resides at Siverskaya near St. Petersburg. His pictures Fount in a Pine Forest, Fir-tree Forest, Pine Forest in Viatka Province, Backwoods and a number of etchings are exhibited at the Paris World Fair. October: goes to the Paris Fair together with Kramskoi.

Ivan Shishkin. Self-portrait. 1886 Etching. 21X15 cm. The Russian Museum, Leningrad
Ivan Shishkin. Self-portrait. 1886 Etching. 21×15 cm. The Russian Museum, Leningrad

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